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Vampire Rado LIVE ep 2

I'm so sad Amp App is closing. I did my last broadcast with them over the weekend 😢. That doesn't mean Vampire Radio is going anywhere! Stay tuned for more archived episode like this...

Topics in this episode:

  • Getting Overheated

  • Shakey’s Brunch Faux Pas

  • Crappy Neighbor

  • Becoming More Aware & Being a More Responsible Stoner

  • Why I Hate Peggy Hill

  • Confronting a Coworker Who Eventually Got Me Fired

  • Disciple > Motivation

  • Aron Steven’s Role in Me Getting Back on Track

  • Why I Don’t Care If People Think I Suck

  • Being Hurt By Wrestling Made Me Fat

  • How Dean Visk & I Got Out of Al Snow’s 5,5,5 Drill During My OVW Days

  • Miss Being Miss Positive Vibes USA

  • I Shouldn’t Have Listened to Nova

  • Why I Started to Dislike a Wrestler I Used To Respect

  • Remembering Wrestle Reunion in Miami

  • How I Fell in Love with Svengoolie

After you listen to the episode make sure to leave a comment, love to hear what you think. Don't forget it's FREE to join/listen!


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