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1st Vampire Radio Live Replay

My first ever Vampire Radio LIVE episode! Don't forget I go live on the weekends starting at 8:30AM PDT on Seems if you click on that link when I'm not live on the web browser you won't see my profile page just whatever is live when you at that moment. Sucks. Hopefully it will get sorted out. If you want to make it easy on yourself just download AMP App in your App Store for instant replays with music! All instant replays expire after a 14 days but the episodes replays without the music will be on here.

Topics in this episode:

  • When my love for broadcasting began

  • How I became a vampire

  • Wrestlemania moment with Beth Phoenix & Aron Stevens

  • Wendy Williams opened my eyes

  • Escaping my abusive boyfriend

  • Understanding why I take friendships and relationships to heart

  • Creeping on radio DJs

  • Being a model/actress in early 2000s helped me hustle my way into WWE and life after WWE, music and more!

After you listen to the episode make sure to leave a comment below, love to hear what you think.


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