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NEW Weekly Rewind

Hope everyone is having a good day so far! I just uploaded a new Weekly Rewind for Secret Society members. What's the Weekly Rewind? It's a vlog style video that shows my main and Secret Society Instagram stories for the week. I used to use Snapchat before but after Snapchat deleted my account I started to use IG. A couple weeks ago I logged into my 1st Secret Society Snapchat account to see if it still worked and it did! I now include memories from that account to my IG stories and totally loving it. It warms my heart to see clips of the Mertzes. It's like a video scrapbook. The only way to be added to the Secret Society IG account is to become a member. ALL non members get blocked. It' clearly states those terms in my bio. Secret Society sign up options are listed at the top of the Secret Society blog page.

Watch this video on:


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