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IG Subscriptions

**UPDATE** I already got in trouble with IG so instead of offering subscriptions on here I'm offering them on my Brand Army page

I FINALLY got the invite to join other content creators on Instagram to offer subscriptions to my followers! What does that mean? By subscribing you'll get access to exclusive photos, stories and IG Live chats for $4.99 a month. This is separate from my Secret Society. For super sexy content you will still have to join there. After all it's Instagram and we all know how they are the censor police. I'll still post sexy content but the Instagram friendly version. I get a lot of messages with fans asking me questions so the IG subscription will give you a chance to join my Q&A chats plus you get a fancy badge next to your name whenever you comment on my IG posts. To join head on over to . Once I start to get subs I will post more and schedule IG Live chats.


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