Wednesday, January 28, 2015

 I just ADDED a bunch of PICS from @greenvenus10 bday wknd on Facebook!

It's been such a challenge without my laptop but I am totally making it work.  I can't wait until I have another one so my updates are easy to post.  I can't believe I lost a day :(  I thought today was Tuesday!  I'm editing the next episode of Mi Vida Loca right now which will post later today!  I will also upload a few Tweet Secret videos so make sure to keep checking Twitter for when you can watch all the fun times Danielle and I had during her birthday weekend! ONE Love, Shalom.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

26 on the 26th!! Only a couple days left until my birthday!! Every birthday my grandma would ask; "Do you feel older?" These past few years the answer has been YES! Maybe it's the lingering spirit of the New Year. Maybe my subconscious anticipation...(read more)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FINALLY today Danielle and I will record a NEW episode of Save Wrestling the podcast!  Better late than never, right?... (read more)
Top of the morning to all of you!  Hope you had a good nights sleep :)  Mine was pretty good.  Drank some sleepy time tea about an hour before heading to bed and it was exactly what I needed.  The beginning of my week had a bumpy start but now that I have cleared all the bumps in the road I am stoked to attack the rest of the week.  An A+ week will be attending Brian Kendricks training tomorow afternoon, work a gig on Friday and head out to Vegas on Saturday for FSW.  Friday's job is a night call but I can just sleep my tired self away on the way to Vegas.  A friend of mine has an extra computer, hopefully I will get my hands on it soon and get back to business as usual :)  I'm grateful for having the tools to at least keep my site and YouTube afloat but it will be nice to get back on track.  Have a blessed day.  PS I challenge you...when you find the need  to complain today ask yourself why you are truly bothered before venting frustration.  You can learn a thing or two about yourself and/or others!  ONE Love, Shalom.