Thursday, August 21, 2014

I started my morning with Matisyahu in the sauna lifting up all my worries and anxiety to The Lord.  Last night I had a lot on my mind leading me to a night filled with tossing and turning.  After I dropped Danielle off at the bus I came home and thought you know what I'm going to go in that sauna!  When I was going to LA Fitness my routine was work out then sauna.  It really changed my mindset which allowed me to release in a way only the sauna could bring.  I feel I will be able to deal with today with a clear head.  I NEED to have a clear head today.  I have a gig in Venice and when you rely on public transportation it can be challenging.  (click here to see pic)

Day 191: Bright and Early!  The last few days have been very interesting.  I have so many questions but I know that when the time is right I will get all the answers I need.  I got lost in prayer and music on the way home, it was so refreshing.  Watching the sunrise along with the vibe I had made this morning magical.  Who knows what today will bring!  Time to hit the gym then get ready for my gig :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It sucks we didn't get to go fishing but it worked out.  The most important part of this trip for me was to hang out with Brandon and Manaz.  What a treat to bond with Mama and have a Kacee Carlise cameo... read more

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last night Becky Bayless came over and we had some serious girl time!  I must have gone to bed around 3-4AM!  Becky is the first house guest I have had at the new place and I love it!  I wish she could've stayed longer but she had to head out to Vegas :( She will be back soon so consider yourself warned, we will make a ton of silly videos :)

LOL I look awful in this pic but I can't help but LOVE it

Monday, August 18, 2014

I just can't get over how amazing our new place is!  Everything about it screams Martinez Girlz :) It was cool to unwind with Danielle after a long day.  The night just got better, Brian Zombie and Freddy Gallo are coming over tomorrow :) I can't wait to show them our new life!  ONE Love, Shalom.

Catching Up on my Daily Videos

This is exactly what I needed, time on the road with my road buddies!  It's such a blessing to have amazing friends who are on the same page as me as far as the business goes.  Friends who support and uplift me when I need it the most.  Life is mysteriously beautiful.  I'm done trying to figure it out and embrace all that lays ahead.  ONE Love!

From being on the road, working a show that took me back to 2006 and dealing with my break up yesterday was quite the challenge.  I slept soooooo much but I think I needed it.  The worst part is by the time Summerslam came on I fell asleep again!  I missed the whole PPV :(  Oh well, guess I will just have to watch it on the network ;)

And now I am all caught up!  Today has been a releasing day for me.  During my Mertz Cardio I was able to see things in a different perspective allow me to let go and be free.  I think the beginning of this process was what I went through yesterday.  Live, Love, grow.

Temporary Site

For those of you who have been keeping up with me the last few years welcome back to my old site!  Someone hacked my site and I am not longer able to update it until it is fixed so I thought why not go back to good old Blogger ;) Until is fixed I will use this site for updates.  And awaaaaaay I go!