Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You know what is amazing about this shoot?  I gained an amiga!  Tara, the gal in the video with me, was also booked as "the bikini girl" and bikini gals stick together.  So interesting how life connects you with people right when you need it the most.  The shoot was a week after my break up, I was in such a weird place.  It messed with my head being in Venice at first.  Last time I had been there was with  my ex when he came to visit me.  Once Tara and I connected she soothed my soul bringing words of wisdom to my heart.  Positive vibes Tara!  She's amazing, talented and you should follow her ;)   

Added some photos from Freakshow Wrestling in August!  Click here to see more!

Today is all about editing and podcasting, I'm so behind in both!  It's been super hard to keep up with live broadcast on VOC Nation so Danielle and I have decided to go back to prerecorded shows... (read more)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who was Lucy Ricardo? Why did she always act like there was something more to her life than being a housewife? She dreamed of joining show business. She was more than Ricky Ricardo's wife...(read more)

We are The Following....taking over the world one promotion at a time.  Consider yourselves warned, for The Following has spoken...

A photo posted by Shelly Martinez (@funtimeshelly) on
A photo posted by Shelly Martinez (@funtimeshelly) on

I started a love affair with bagels when I was in junior high.  Shout out to Grace Yokley! In high school I would eat a big old bagel with a soda every morning.  I was the type of gal who weighted 110 lbs with out even trying.  I think being an athlete since kindergarten allowed me to get away with eating more crap than most.  Plus there was that run in with Mr. Tapeworm...Anywho, after I graduated and went into the real world I learned real quick eating a bagel every morning with globs of cream cheese would result in a muffin top!  It was so hard to break the habit I had formed and found myself eating the bagel but starving myself through out the rest of the day.  It took years for me to develop a healthy relationship with food and taking care of my body.  I think its amazing that in our day and age there are so many alternatives so we can get what we crave with out having to put a bunch of empty calories in our body.  Years ago I discovered Bagel Thins and recently I have embraced using Weight Watchers cream cheese.  Bagel Thins are low in calories AND carbohydrates. The Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese is low in calories and sodium.  I don't know about you but sodium really kicks my booty sometimes, or at least adds a lot of water weight to it :) Love bagels as much as I do but watching your waistline?  Here's what I prepared this morning and its was only about 200 calories and 27 grams of carbs:

  • Wheat Bagel Thin
  • 2 tablespoons of Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese
  • 4 slices of avacado
  • Dash of crushed red pepper and sea salt for some zing!

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I just finished my audition, it went well!  I'm such a nerd....I can't believe I forgot I had it.  I meant to reschedule with them yesterday because I ended up getting a paid gig today.  I got so lost in yesterday's gig I spaced and completely forgot.

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Well, I'm a strong believer in everything happens for a reason.  The most important things is I still was able to have the audition and now it's up to the Universe if I land the gig.  I hope I do ;) but if I don't not biggie.  Lesson of the day, USE MY ORGANIZER EVERYDAY.  Well, now time for Wendy Williams then to the gym for my Jessica Simpson workout.

I am reminded of why I previously chose to be single. I've always been "the girlfriend" type. Loyal puppy dog love. Total devotion. I'm just a serious girl about everything I do. I don't enjoy dating or sleeping around. I want to be with someone who I can see a future with...(read more)